We develop systems allowing you to create online specials and display them to your grocery website visitors.

Right now, you can add as many promotions as you want and attract your customers to visit your website for customized deals.

Our Online Specials component comes with a custom Shopping List module, where customers can add specials to their computer and print. This gives your customers the opportunity to shop and save from the convenience of their own computer.

Main functionality of component:

  • Batch import with CSV file
  • Create Specials categories
  • “My shopping list” feature to print selected specials at the same time
  • Automatic expiration date
  • Ability to sort specials base on category
  • Home page section showing “Specials of the week”
  • Newsletter banner section under “Weekly Ads”

This product is designed to dramatically improve your website statistics, by creating a convenient individualized experience for your customers, leading to a returning, loyal and more robust customer base.