In its infancy, Ecommerce meant establishing a Web presence and presenting visitors a shopping cart. Today, much more is involved and yet, ecommerce serves as a relatively inexpensive way to competitively represent your products and brand. It is important to note that while the 2008-09 recession hurt brick and mortar retail establishments, ecommerce sites actually grew by over 10% and the dollars spent through 2015 topped $300 billion! Studio MGD can design your business ecommerce site that is secure, gathers important demographics about visitors, is easy to navigate and search, and, importantly, makes it easy for you to easily modify inventory.

The Market

It’s expanding based on the fact that 20% of all shopping today is transacted using Mobile apps for online purchases. Studio MGD provides creative online designs which invite shoppers to filter through products for quick answers and allows visitors to suggest, view, and rate products related to their search. We can easily add incentives for repeat customers, offer discounts, and provide important shipping options to encourage interaction. Your site will communicate your willingness to accommodate potential customers in order to attract their business. Importantly, Studio MGD provides generous flexibility in our designs so our clients are never stuck with restrictive, proprietary models; what you need is what we provide.