Moving on Up (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Once you’ve created a Website, you want to see it move up the ladder of ranked Web pages but that takes time because conventional search engines like Google or Bing use specific formulas that determine relevance and importance depending, in part, on the number of times your site is being visited; this is ‘organic’ ranking. To move up faster while increasing exposure, Studio MGD suggests employing specific tactics to develop a strong Web Marketing Strategy. These tactics include deigns intended to leverage a number of techniques to optimize the exposure of your product or service line and provide the greatest opportunity of return-on-investment.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

As the term implies, once you’ve placed an ad on a search engine’s result page, you’ll pay that search engine for each visitor-click that directs traffic to defined, specially designed, ‘landing’ pages on your site. Studio MGD will design your Landing pages to emphasize the features your visitor was seeking when they clicked to access this page. We design your landing page to encourage visitors to engage in specific measurable actions in order to derive specific benefits. Such actions may include a request to ‘Call Now’ or ‘Email us today’ for discounts or preferred customer selections. This technique allows our Website customers to derive an immediate opportunity to introduce their products and services without waiting for the time required to move your brand through conventional organic ranking systems.